Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Something to Do in Her Spare Time

I was not especially surprised to learn that Sarah Jane Newberry—Britain's Most Famous Virgin—is also a genealogist.

Many of Sarah Jane's ancestors are from England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, America, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, and distantly France, Rome, Greece, Sweden, Spain, and Italy and there are subsequent family links in all the mentioned countries now. She also has links with other countries and is currently researching these and if there are family links in those countries now. She knows there are some in Alaska. She has got a relative that moved to Jamaica and teaches English and she thinks the Jamaicans are very nice people.
Sarah Jane also thinks that writing about herself in the third person is very, very nice.


Wow. I'm rarely rendered speechless, but that website is...interesting.

You may want to warn your own readers that there's "music on every page of this website."


Is it just me, or is that website totally bizarre?


The first page actually hurt my eyes. As for the content, I'm gobsmacked.

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