Friday, January 08, 2010

Top Ten Reasons I'm Not Attending Blogger Day 2010

10. Too busy writing top ten lists.

9. Irrational fear of states beginning with vowels.

8. Prefer to hold my own Blogger Day alone in my basement.

7. might get jealous.

6. No free airfare for my imaginary wife.

5. Blogging credentials were revoked in 2009 for failure to meet post quota.

4. Plastic explosives in my underwear might have caused problems at the airport.

3. Bitter that CEO Tim Sullivan has been screening my calls since 2007.

2. Once shot a man in Provo just to watch him die.

1. DearMYRTLE's restraining order.

Miriam Robbins

OH, I needed that laugh, Chris! I've sure missed your "Top Ten"c posts...always funnier than David Letterman's, for sure!


Very funny. I think #2 is my favorite.


Thanks for the laugh, great top 10 list.


Leno & O'Brein don't hold a candle to you dude! LOL!

Craig Manson

And they showed us that guy's digitized death cert! Wish you had been there!


Blogger day in your basement? Now I have something to shoot for in 2011. Thanks for the laugh.


Giving you the Happy Award 101, for your contribution to the genealogy community, you can pick it up at


Do let us know if ramifications ensue from shooting a man. We'll start a non-profit organization with a bank account to bail you out.


I like #5 - it's grueling sometimes making the posting quota so that was a bitter laugh for me, but a laugh nonetheless! :)

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