Monday, February 22, 2010

Don't Blame Stupidity On Your Genes

Who's stupider—Time columnist Joel Stein or his great-grandmother?

I found out through the 1930 Census that my father's father's parents paid $45 a month for a one-room New York City apartment for six people and they were the only ones on the block without a radio. My great-grandmother, when asked what country she grew up in, wrote "Poland," crossed it out and then wrote "Austria." These are countries that don't even border each other. I come from stupid people. You know how I know that? Because I had to look up whether those countries border each other [Link]
Um, is Stein aware that Poland was not an independent country when his great-grandmother was growing up? And that Austria then ruled part of Poland, and therefore she could have been born in both Austria and Poland without disrupting the space-time continuum? And does he really think that that was his great-grandmother's handwriting in the 1930 census? If so, can he explain why she had the same handwriting as all of her neighbors?

Andy E. Wold

Oh, I believe that he should blame stupidity on every one of his genes, just not his ancestors' genes. ;)

Steve Danko

I have to give the guy a break, myself. I was a terrible history student in high school, a transgression for which I've since made amends.

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