Friday, April 02, 2010

They Were Practically War Buddies

Chris Staats finds five degrees of separation between himself and George Washington. I think I can beat him.

I knew my great-aunt Gladys (died when I was 25), who knew her grandfather Lemuel Dunham (died when she was 10), who knew his grandfather Moses Dunham (died when he was 15). Moses served in the Continental Army under Washington for a couple of years, and was by his own account present at the surrender of Cornwallis. I would imagine he was in the front row and met the general himself, which would leave four degrees of separation between me and Washington.

If you think you can beat me, I preemptively doubt your evidence and ridicule your logic.


I'm in Virginia, the home of Washington & Lee University.
So it would be interesting to see if I'm connected to either.
So far, though, nothing links me to Denzel or Spike.

Chris Staats

You know, if we each brought a shovel, we could improve our association with George Washington to the first degree. We could shake his hand, and put it back when we're done ;)

Miriam Robbins

These things are always fun! My son was thrilled when he realized he met his Great-grandfather Robbins (died just before Matt's 9th birthday) who had known his Great-grandfather Robbins (Civil War vet) and accompanied him to a couple of GAR reunions before he died in 1934, when my grandfather was 13. The old man was born in 1844, so it's possible he may have known someone who was very elderly and who served in the Revolutionary War at a young age.

J Hansen

According to a family story my 4th great-grandmother was a little girl when George Washington made his grand tour of all the states in 1791. He visited her school and patted her on the head. She started the tradition of patting her children, grandchildren, etc. on the head and saying "George Washington patted me on the head and now I'm patting you."
She overlapped with my great-grandmother who was born in the 1860s (and patted her on the head); my ggm, in turn, patted my grandmother and mother on the head, saying GW "patted my great-grandmother on the head and she patted me and now I'm patting you." Which makes me 4 degrees removed, maybe?
I checked what facts I could find and George did indeed visit my 4th-great-grandmother's town when she about 7 years old and his tour included schools.
Although I must say I like the shovel idea, too.


I think you have me beat. My ancestor probably would have mentioned it if the general had patted him on the head at Yorktown.


I've met all three of my kids. They each require large amounts of money to survive. George Washington is on the dollar bill. I once had a one dollar bill before I gave it to one of the kids. That's a two degree separation, right. ;)


Chris, the comments to your posts are as good as the posts themselves.
Giggling away in geneablogger-land

Andrew Kolstee

I have 5 also:
1. I know my grandma
2. My grandma knew her grandfather, William Harrington.
3. William knew his great grandmother, Phoebe Wilmarth Putnam (William was 8 when she died).
4. Phoebe knew her father, Selah Wilmarth
5. Selah served under George Washington when the army was in New York.


My Indian ancestor Honyere of the Oneida Nation(ggggggggg-grandfather? - not really) carried supplies to Washington at Valley Forge and his wife cooked for W.

So there!

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