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Sunday, October 04, 2009

His Captain Was a Real Character

I was watching my niece perform in a production of Carousel this afternoon, and the name of one character—Enoch Snow—sounded awfully familiar. It turns out Enoch Snow was a real guy who lived in Scarborough, Maine.

After moving his family to Wells and later, Scarborough, in the 1840s, Enoch began harvesting clams to use as bait for commercial cod fishing. At that time, locals enjoyed the white-shelled clams cooked on the shore over seaweed on heated rocks, as the Indians had taught them in the 1600s.

After the Civil War, the Boston and Maine Railroad came to Pine Point. As a result, clambakes became a tourist attraction. The railroad also enabled clammers to easily distribute their products outside of Pine Point, leading Enoch to become a clammer instead of a sea captain.
But his real nice clambakes aren't the reason Enoch's name sounded familiar. My great-great-grandfather Lemuel Dunham wrote of going to sea in 1856 "on the Newfoundland Banks, hauling in the cod and halibut." The master of his vessel was ... Captain Enoch Snow.

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